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The Golden Venture Tragedy: From hell at sea to the American Dream

In an article timed to the 15th anniversary of the Golden Venture grounding, the NY Daily News recounts the tragic voyage and offers a profile of Golden Venture passenger Michael Chen. Chen is one of the approximatley 30 Golden Venture passengers "paroled" by President Clinton in 1997 who have yet to achieve permanent legal status in the US.(6/8/2008)
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In a lead Sunday editorial, the Daily News urges Congress or President Bush to give green card to the Golden Venture passengers. (6/15/2208)
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GV Featured in New Book on Chinese Restaurants

Golden Venture passenger Michael Chen figures largely in a new book on Chinese restaurants, "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, Adventures in the World of Chinese Food," by Jennifer 8. Lee, a staff reporter for the New York Times. Lee attended the April, 2006 press conference held by the Golden Venture passengers in New York and also joined us at a NYC photo shoot where all the GV passengers were gathered. Reviews have praised the book for placing the growth of Chinese restaurants around the country in the context of the recent history of Chinese immigration to the US. Lee traces the development of Chinese restaurants back to the earliest history of Chinese immigration to America in the 1840s and 50s. (3/3/08)

Reviews of the book have appeared in Forbes and Newsweek.

NPR Two-Part Series on Fujianese Immigration

Irene Jay Liu reports on illegal immigrants from Fujian Province.

Part I (Nov. 19) offers impressionistic accounts from New York City's East Broadway and towns in Fujian Province, along with a discussion of fake marriage as a way  for immigrants to enter the US "legally."  

Part II
(Nov. 20) follows the Fujianese smuggling route, from Bangkok through Belize in Central America next to the Mexican border.
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Testing Mukasey

NY Sun editorial discusses Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey's judicial decision in the case of a Golden Venture passenger who was denied asylum and deported.  The case involved China's coercive birth control policies -- and some anti-abortion groups have cited the case in opposing the nomination.
New York Sun, Sept. 19, 2015
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"A York debut for 'Golden Venture'"
York Daily Record, May 14, 2006
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"'Golden Venture' film to premiere in York" York Daily Record, May 12, 2006
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Hometown paper profiles director Peter Cohn
The Journal News, May 2, 2006
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"Golden Venture" featured on Anderson Cooper
CNN special on May 1 immigration protests. Video coming soon.
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Lead editorial
NY Sun,  May 1, 2006
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New Yorker article on Sister Ping and the Golden Venture.
April 17, 2006.
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New Yorker Sister Ping obituary.
May 4, 2014
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"NYC Film Festival to Launch 'Golden Venture' Film"
York Daily Record , April 12, 2006
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"Dreams alive for detainees"
"Some companies won't hire those who are deportable, a former Golden Venture detainee said."
York Daily Record, April 11, 2006
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English-language media coverage of 4/26 press conference:

"Golden Venture Passengers Still Drifting"
Associated Press (extensive national and international distribution)
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"Passengers From Golden Venture Plead for End to Their Legal Limbo"
NY Sun
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"Golden Venture Survivors Want Citizenship"
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"Golden Venture's voyage to America, and uncertainty"
York Daily Record
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“'金色探险号'30名偷渡客亮相, 请求布什给合法身份."
The China Press
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