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Detention Watch Network is dedicated to protecting immigrants in federal detention.

Immigration from Fujian Province

A BBC investigative story launched in 2001 after 58 Fujianese immigrants were found dead in a truck that had just crossed the English Channel to Dover.

A BBC report about the 23 Fujianese immigrants who drowned in the rising tide as they gathered cockles in Morcambe Bay, Scotland.

A sociologist's site with useful information about Asian immigrants in the US.

Ko-Lin Chin's "Smuggled Chinese: Clandestine Immigration to the United States" is the definitive study of illegal immigration from Fujian.

A look at the role of Myanmar and Cambodia in the smuggling process.


The Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center in York, PA is the major cultural institution in York that hosted the film's theatrical premiere on May 13, 2006.

The Museum of Chinese in the Americas in New York was the site of a major exhibition of the art of the Golden Venture passengers in 1997, playing an important role in the Clinton parole.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund is a New York advocacy group that sent some of the first lawyers to meet with the Golden Venture passengers.


A fascinating family web page devoted to Robert Porges, the Harvard-trained lawyer who was convicted of working for the Snakeheads and is now serving a nine-year sentence.

Craig Trebilcock, a leading Golden Venture advocate who launched an epic courtroom battle to prevent their deportation, is also in the army reserve. He served in Bosnia and in Iraq. Craig has written a brilliant satirical book loosely based on his time in Iraq, "One Weekend a Month."

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