Immigration documentary transcript previous bottom
                         Craig, still went every Friday to
                         the prison. What we called pod
                         meetings.  That's the way that the
                         prison was set up.
                         And in the room where we met most
                         of the time,
                         there was a big blackboard. And I
                         would put things on the blackboard:
                         this is what Senator So-and-So
                         proposed for us, and this is what
                         Congressman's Goodling's doing, and
                         on and on.

                         Nobody knows how long we're gonna
                         have to stay. Maybe tomorrow gonna
                         be free.  But we have hope.

               Chapter 7: Folded Dreams

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         We all started to learn how to fold
                         paper. We made them into bowls,
                         pineapples, and birds. Later, we
                         used toilet paper and water --
                         together with soap to make
                         sculpting paste. We let it sit for
                         two days, then used it to make

                         Zheng Kaiqu was the first one I
                         visited in prison.  He spent his
                         whole time just making art.
                         I gave him a pictures of Toby, so
                         he made, it was two parrots
                         actually, African gray parrots. 
                         And all this is Zheng Kaiqu's. 
                         Both the folded and the sculpted.
                         Isn't this  beautiful?

                             (subtitled Chines)
                         This is what I made in the US. I
                         made two birds. They are supposed
                         to go like this. It is beautiful
                         like that. Using American glue it
                         would be shiny. This is the US
                         national bird, the eagle.

               Title: WGAL TV News, York PA, April 29, 1996.

                         It's just amazing.

                         They've gone from being 50 men with
                         time to kill to being 50 folk

                                   TV REPORTER 
                         The works of art by the Chinese
                         refugees is described as
                         incredible, an expression of
                         freedom and hope -- hope that is
                         waning for some.  And attorneys for
                         the immigrants say every week more
                         and more of their administrative
                         appeals are being denied  -- right
                         now, deportation back to China
                         seems certain for nearly half of
                         them. In York, Lisa Mishler, News
               Chapter 8: Misled

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         After being in jail many years, I
                         was confused. The immigration
                         service said they could not release
                         us.  They said there are two
                         options: we could stay in jail or
                         we could go to China. An officer
                         told us that things had improved in
                         China. And that I wouldn't be
                         persecuted. We were misled.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         The INS told us there would be no

                         Both Yan and Kaiqu decided they
                         would rather be sent back to China
                         then stay in jail.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         The police took us from the York
                         jail by the police to Philadelphia,
                         in handcuffs and shackles. We were
                         put on a plane to California.
                         From there, we boarded another
                         plane to Shanghai.  Not until we
                         were on board did the police take
                         off our handcuffs.

                         Ultimately, 99 detainees opted for
                         deportation.  But they didn't know
                         for sure what would happen when
                         they stepped off the plane.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         We were sent to Fuqing jail. In
                         Fuqing I was fined $2000. It's
                         miserable in jail. We were
                         beaten...beaten every morning.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         The police slapped us around,
                         accused us of tarnishing China's
               TITLE: Rujian Re-education Center. Detention facility
               outside Fuzhou.

                         They held us for a week and then
                         sent us to Fuzhou. In Fuzhou I
                         was fined. They also sterilized me.
                         It took about 20 minutes. I was
                         terrified.  I could see the whole
                         thing. I went home. We hugged and
                         cried. I didn't know what to say.
                         My kids had grown and had changed a
                         lot. The kids were happy to see me.
                         They didn't understand the
                         bitterness of life.
               Chapter 9: Release.

                         By early 1997, 57 Golden Venture
                         passengers were still in jail, 42
                         in York.   Craig had lost in court,
                         and the chances for release were

                         We were able to finally get a front
                         page New York Times article about
                         the fact that these guys were still
                         locked up after all these years.
                         Right about that same time, our
                         local congressman, Bill  Goodling,
                         managed to collar President Clinton
                         at the State of the Union address. 
                         And as he's going down the aisle,
                         glad-handing and shaking as you see
                         on TV, Goodling grabbed him and
                         said, "Hey Mr. President, I've
                         still got these Chinese locked up
                         in my district; what are you going
                         to do about it?" And the President
                         told Goodling, "Well call me
                         tomorrow and we'll talk about it."

                         Goodling was chairman of the
                         powerful house education committee,
                         and the keynote of Clinton's speech
                         that year was "the National Crusade
                         for Education."
               William Goodling, Congressman, 1974-2000, Feb. 14, 1997

                         Two days later I was invited to the
                         White House for a 45 minute
                         discussion on education. And I
                         took with me some of the artwork of
                         the Golden Venture Chinese in the
                         prison. And gave it to him, and he
                         said, "that is beautiful."

                         On February 14, 1997, President
                         Clinton issued a parole for the
                         jailed Golden Venture passengers.

                         I'll never forget their faces
                         looking out at me.  I put my thumb
                         up to them and they looked back at
                         me and said "all of us?" And I
                         said, "yes, all of you."

                         They got released on the day I was
                         shipping out to go to Bosnia,
                         actually, so I called back home on
                         the pay phone, I'm standing there
                         in my camouflage Army uniform in
                         the middle of Ft. Benning, Georgia,
                         late at night ,and I got the
                         word that they had been released.

                         The order was for their release
                         only -- they were not given legal
                         status. On Feb.
                         26, Guilin and the other York
                         detainees left just as they had
                         arrived, in white and green INS
                         buses.   They had been in jail for
                         almost four years.

               Various crowd voices. Song: "Freedom."

                         We must say thank you to Mr.
                         President Clinton.  He helped us a
                         lot.  He let us to be released.

                         I just feel...exciting.

               Group singing: "Amazing Grace." Voices: "Hallelujah." Crowd

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         Six years after we left, we came
                         out of prison to face a completely
                         blank slate, an empty life. I lost
                         my family, my marriage, everything.

               Chapter 11: Life in the Beautiful Country

                         The Golden Venture passengers
                         released from jail spread out
                         across the country.  Nine years
                         later, they are not legally
                         American.   They can't go to China
                         to their families.   Some haven't
                         seen wives and children for more
                         than 12 years.   They live in
                         limbo.  Arming had been shuttled
                         from one federal prison to another. 
                         He was on the verge of deportation
                         when he was released on the Clinton

               Kitchen noises, voices.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         Probably not many people know that
                         I came on the Golden Venture. It's
                         nothing special. We are all the
                         same.  For the first two or three
                         years out of jail, I stayed in the
                         New York area.
                         I was closer to my friends and
                         relatives. My friend opened a place
                         in Florida and asked me to help. I
                         helped him for about a year. I was
                         getting familiar with things in
                         Florida. I made some American
                         friends. So I decided to settle
                         down here.  We're not like
                         Americans.  We don't have the
                         language skills and the work skills
                         they do. Americans take it for
                         granted. This is the reality for
                         first generation immigrants. For
                         our American born children, this
                         won't be the case.

                         Even without legal status, Arming
                         has opened a restaurant and bought
                         a house, where his employees live
                         rent free.

                             (subtitled English)
                         For this restaurant, I learned
                         more.  I went to bartender school
                         to train myself how to make
                         cocktails. And, I learned to cook
                         Japanese grills and sushi. I'm
                         working the same like a regular
                         worker. We're the first one to open
                         the restaurant and the last one to
                         go home. Every night I have to stay
                         up. Do some paper work. A lot of
                         tax returns. We often work seven
                         days a week. The goal in the future
                         is not working so many hours. We
                         can live like you guys, same,
                         that's our goal

                         Guilin lived in New York after
                         being released from prison, but the
                         garment factory where he worked
                         closed.  Since then, he has been a
                         delivery man.

                             (subtitled English)
                         In America, our work is very
                         simple. Every day, do the same job.
                         I work there at least 13 hours a
                         day. Six days a week.  Most
                         students is OK.
                         They give a couple of dollars. When
                         I deliver to a building, I leave
                         the car running. See? Now it's
                         12:02. 11:00 to 12:30. Thirteen and
                         a half hours. At least 120 miles.
                         Uh Oh.  Nobody here.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         I work hard but also play hard.
                         Otherwise I wouldn't be so healthy.

                                   GUILIN CHEN
                             (subtitled English)
                         I sometimes I go to nightclub. 
                         With my friends. We have very happy
                         time there. You can dance
                         whatever you want to dance, you

               Chapter 11: Illegal Alien

                         After Yan was deported and
                         sterilized, he returned to his
                         hometown.  He was burdened by debts
                         left from the Golden Venture

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         I was very depressed. People looked
                         down on me.  I owed a lot of money.
                         I had no choice but to go to the US

                         For his second journey he paid
                         $50,000 to snakeheads to bring him
                         back to the US.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         I was introduced to a document
                         forger. The name on the passport
                         was fake. The photo was mine. I
                         was part of a tourist group. My
                         passport described me as an
                         "engineer." The immigration
                         officer was suspicious of our
                         group. When he saw that I'm an
                         "engineer" he asked me a math
                         He asked me, "If 2X + 4 = 16, what
                         is X?" I answered him right away.
                         That's why he believed me. This is
                         really simple math for Chinese,
                         isn't it?

                         More than 50 of the deported Golden
                         Venture passengers have come back
                         to the US illegally.   The current
                         going rate for the trip to America
                         is $70,0000.  An estimated 20 to
                         30,000 Fujianese pay this sum every

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         In the US we need to survive and
                         work toward opening a business.
                         It's hard. But there's a saying.
                         "After you taste the most bitter of
                         the bitter, you will be a man above
                         men."  I knew I would be working
                         hard in the US. I would be working
                         10 hours a day. That's what
                         I'm doing now as a chef. It's
                         exhausting. I'm used to it. When
                         business is good, the boss hires.
                         When it's bad, you move on.
                         I've worked all over. Long Island.
                         Manhattan.  Philadelphia. And now
                         in Tennessee.  I drifted around the
                         world for more than 10 years,
                         separated from my family.  How sad
                         is this?  I can't find an answer to
                         the question of life.
               Chapter 12: China

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         Your daughter is getting married

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         This is my daughter.

                                   KAIQU'S DAUGHTER
                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         The bride has arrived. Where are
                         the firecrackers?

                         Like Yan, Kaiqu was deported from
                         the York jail.  He lives in the
                         city of Changle.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         After more than two years in jail,
                         my family was destroyed. My wife
                         ran away with another man. The kids
                         were little. It was hard to find
                         another job at home. All I could do
                         is go to the US and try again.

                         Kaiqu tried to go back to the US. 
                         He flew in by himself, and was
                         turned back at the airport.  He had
                         also tried to enter the US one time
                         before the Golden Venture.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         It was during the Gulf War. They
                         thought I was a terrorist.  When we
                         got to San Francisco, they
                         sent us back  right away.
                         I tried to go to the US three
                         times, but was sent home three
                         times.  Isn't it bad luck?
                         If I could have stayed in the US,
                         my family would be doing very well
                         now.  It was probably my fate.

               In the town social hall.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         He is one of my companions from the
                         Golden Venture.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         Do you plan to go to the US again?

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         Yes. I've got a plan. OK. That's

                         Around the social hall, poems
                         inscribed on the columns celebrate
                         the generations of villagers
                         who have gone abroad.
                         (poem #1)
                         A stream flows to the lake.   The
                         lake thanks and remembers the
                         stream forever.
                         (poem #2)
                         Relatives overseas will thank their
                         hometown. Through the winds of the
                         sea.  And will spread the name of
                         their hometown forever.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         This is my friend's house. His son
                         has been in England for eight
                         years. They built it for

                                   KAIQU'S DAUGHTER
                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         When I was young, I thought the US
                         was heaven and wanted to go. I
                         don't want to go now, because I
                         know life is tough there. You work
                         from 11 a.m. to 3 or 4 a.m. You
                         don't have a choice. It's work,
                         work, work and you can't relax.
                         Life is better at home.
               Crowd noises at wedding.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         Light the incense to bring
                         prosperity. Luck to the bride's
                         family. Luck to the groom's family.
               Chapter 14: 44 Pounds Of Luggage

                         This is the letter that Lin Yan Min
                         received. Telling him to report and
                         bring his 44 pounds of luggage to
                         report, and be deported. And I'm
                         just flabbergasted. He wanted to
                         know if he should sell his
                         property. He's been here almost 11

                         Like Lin Yan Min, the Clinton
                         parolees live at the uncertain
                         mercy of the Dept. of Immigration
                         and Customs Enforcement.  They are
                         in stateless limbo -- here, but not
                         legally American.   They can't go
                         to China, and some haven't seen
                         wives and children in 12 years.  
                         In 2001, another Golden Venture
                         passengers was almost sent back.

                         He went to report in. And they told
                         him to stay there and they put him
                         in a bus and they were shipping him
                         off to deport him.  

                         Only Bev's last ditch efforts saved
                         Yi Zhou Hau.  But Yi and the other
                         former detaineess know that their
                         new lives could suddenly be undone
                         by a deportation notice.

                         It's in your mind all the time. 
                         It's happening right now.  If
                         you're not legal, you can't even
                         get a license.   So problems come
                         up when policy changes.  After
                         9/11, if you are not legal, you
                         cannot drive.  If you are not
                         driving, what kind of a life are
                         you going to have?
               Bev with Guilin.

                         So if you know where any of these
                         guys are, I would appreciate it.

                         Bev stays in close touch with
                         Guilin and  other former detainees 
                         - helping them deal with
                         immigration problems.   She has
                         joined with Craig in a stop gap
                         maneuver to protect the Golden
                         Venture passengers from being
                         They convinced their local
                         Congressman to introduce 
                         legislation called a "private
                         relief bill." The bill would give
                         the former detainees full legal

                         Well you're here physically but
                         you're not here legally. That's
                         what parole is. We're going to
                         tolerate your presence but you have
                         no legal right.

                         I know and you know and they know
                         in Washington that too many of our
                         agencies do not know what the other
                         one is doing.  The subcommittee on
                         judiciary told me two years ago
                         that as long as they're on a
                         proposed bill before Congress, they
                         are safe. Why are they getting
                         letters saying they're going to be
                         deported? I mean, does anybody know
                         what's going on down there? That
                         scares the hell outta me.
               Title: Russell Knocke, public affairs director, Immigration
               and Customs Enforcement

                         Simply introduction of legislation
                         on behalf of an alien does not
                         disqualify them from deportation.
                         We would work of course with the
                         members, and if there was
                         legitimate opportunity for that
                         legislation to pass, if it's got
                         legs, then we would certainly take
                         that into consideration as we're
                         taking a look at removals for the
                         coming days and weeks.
               ICE video footage.

                         We keep in our minds every day the
                         attacks of September the 11th, we
                         remember the impact that had on our
                         country, on our society, on each of
                         us individually, and we remember
                         that the immigration system
                         certainly had a role to play. 

                         Since 9/11, very few privates bills
                         have passed.   Even in normal
                         times, they are rare.

                         The bills been kind of, uh,
                         languishing in congress for a few
                         years now, and it's part of
                         a bigger immigration picture, as
                         has been the curse of the Golden
                         Venture people all along.

                                   BAY BUCHANAN
                         My name is Bay Buchanan, and I am
                         the chairman of Team America.

                         There's some strong lobbying groups
                         out there, who are anti-immigrant,
                         and some very outspoken congressmen
                         who just seem to want to seal the
                         borders of the United States.

                         Representative Tom Tancredo leads
                         the anti-immigration faction in
                         Congress.  Until recently, he was
                         seen as an extremist and was a
                         political outcast.   Today he is a
                         key player.

                         People have come across by the
                         thousands, and in some cases
                         hundreds of thousands, and have
                         created these incredible, well,
                         they have devastated the land.

                         Close the borders. Close the
                         borders in California and all
                         across between Mexico and
                         the United States.

                         I stand strongly against amnesty.  
                         Amnesty would say to other illegal
                         aliens that you can come to America
                         and get citizenship automatically.  
                         Let 'em work in America doing jobs
                         that Americans won't do on a
                         temporary basis and then go back to
                         their country.
               Title: Rep. Tom Tancredo, Leader, House Immigration Reform

                         Illegal immigration is just that,
                         and it doesn't matter whether
                         they're coming from China, or
                         Mexico. They are here illegally. As
                         a result, they have to suffer the
                         consequences if they are found out.

                         I don't know how I can handle
                         personally, or emotionally, them
                         telling me these guys are going
                         back to China. I really don't know.
                         I guess because I can never believe
                         my country can do that to them --
                         and yet I know realistically
                         it can happen. 

               Bev on the phone.

                         As long as he's part of the
                         Congressional bill, he cannot be
                         bothered, OK?  They're scared to
                         death. They all think they're going
                         to get these letters one by one. 
                         And I can't find the right person
                         in Washington that can answer my
                         question.   What can you do about

                         In 2003, Craig was sent to Iraq,
                         now a Lieutenant Colonel.   Bev was
                         left to defend the Golden Venture
                         passengers on her own.
               Chapter 14: On the Hill.

                         With Lin Yan Min's deportation only
                         weeks away, she went to Congress
                         with a group of former detainees,
                         trying to get help before it was
                         too late.
               Overlapping voices, chit-chat.

                         I want everybody to speak as much
                         English as possible, OK? We're
                         talking about an amnesty bill,
                         you've been here 11 years. Sorry,
                         guys.   If I was in China for 11
                         years, my ass would be speaking
                         Chinese, OK?  Let's get with the
                         program. All English. Talk Chinese
                         to each other...

               In a Congressional office.

                         So we want to reinforce the time
                         lapse. It's been three years since
                         we started this. All the background
                         checks have been done. What do we
                         have to do to get this out of
                         committee and get this on the

               They walk through a hallway in Congress.

                         I just know in my heart, these
                         guys are going to be some damn good
                         citizens here. We watched them for
                         four years in the prison. They're
                         good people. They're worth every
                         bit of work that we've put into
                         this for 11 years.

               They meet with a congressional aide.

                         As long as he's on a proposed
                         congressional bill he should be
                         very safe, and we were told this
                         many many times, and yet the INS is
                         sending him deportation letters.
                         This is just absolutely absurd.
                         It's gotten to the point where
                         these guys need to have some

               Bev talks to the Golden Venture passengers.

                         This is very important. Now with
                         Congressman Platts, we're going to
                         be meeting with him and Scott
                         Miller, who you've met with before.
                         OK?  And Congressman Platts is the
                         one we want to get the points
                         across to -- bigger. About the work
                         cards. And his letter, because...
                         he's our point man, so he's the one
                         that can handle these problems.

               Passenger Michael Chen speaks with another former detainee.

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         We'll never be able to translate if
                         we don't stop him from time to


                         Hi, how are ya? How's everyone

                                   GV PASSENGER
                         Nice to meet you, Mr. Congressman.
               Title: Rep. Todd Platts (R.-PA)

                         Afternoon. Or actually, it's still
                         morning.  Good morning.

               Title: Michael Chen, GV Passenger.

                             (subtitled English)
                         He's being told if you don't leave
                         this office I'll put you in prison.
                         They took away all his documents. 
                         His I-94 card, his work card,
                         everything.  All he had they took
                         away from him. And I called the
                         people, "Did you get a letter from
                         immigration." I was so nervous, if
                         I get a letter.  Then he told me,
                         "Now what can I do? I have to sell
                         my property."  So I was so nervous,
                         when I heard about it from him. 
                         First thing he called me,and
                         hopefully in the future we, Mr.
                         Congressman can help us...

                         You're going to call Bev, and Bev's
                         going to call me real quick.

                         Thank you sir, you're a gentleman
                         and a scholar.

                         Keep pluggin away.

                         We'll get it.

                         Once they came here in an illegal
                         manner they paid a very significant
                         price.  They were in prison for
                         approximately four years, so they
                         paid their debt to society for that
                         illegal conduct. Were then let go,
                         told: "you're free to go and to
                         remain in this country" -- but
                         there's never been closure
                         brought to their cases. They've
                         never been processed through to
                         have permanent legal status, to
                         have their green cards and to move
                         towards citizenship ultimately if
                         that's what they choose. My
                         legislation is seeking to bring
                         closure to them.

                         The private relief bill is being
                         considered by a Congressional
                         subcommittee.  It's unclear when or
                         if the bill will come to a vote in

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         The bill in Washington? I was up
                         there last year. Personally I think
                         it's going to be difficult to pass
                         the bill. We need time, and we need
                         help. All I can say is that I need
                         to work hard.

                         After the lobbying trip, a
                         Congressional aide intervened on
                         Lin Min Yan's behalf.  
                         His deportation notice was
               Chapter 15: Unfinished Journey

                             (subtitled Chinese)
                         A very good friend traveled with me
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